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45th Infantry Division

45th Infantry DivisionPriorService is proud to offer a selection of items for the 45th Infantry Division. The 45th “Thunderbird” Division saw combat in World War II and the Korean War. The division was part of the Oklahoma Nation Guard from 1920 until 1968. It was activated in 1941 as the US Army built up to fight World War II. The division would see extensive combat in Italy, participating in the Invasion of Sicily, Battle of Salerno, Invasion of Anzio and the Battle for Monte Cassino. The division next participated in Operation Dragon, the invasion of Southern France. It saw near constant combat until the German Surrender in May 1945. The division fought through France and into Southern Germany, capturing Munich. After the war the division returned to the US and again became a National Guard unit. It was reactivated for the Korean War and sail for Korea in early 1951. It entered the line in December 1951 and would remain on the line until the end of the war. Our selection of items for the 45th Infantry Division includes shirts, baseball caps, patches, lapel pins, challenge coins, decals and more.