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US Army T-Shirts

US Army T-ShirtsPriorService offer a wide variety of US Army t-shirts. Our Army t-shirts starts with our collection of Army unit and branch of service t-shirts. Many of t-shirts available for the US Army are the so called busy “blood and guts” t-shirts. PriorService offers a huge selection of t-shirts that are more subdued “collegiate” style t-shirt with simple wording and logo. These shirts are made with 100% cotton t-shirts are all directly screen-printed.

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PriorService’s most popular line of t-shirts is by far the Army Unit T-Shirts. This line of t-shirts includes shirts for US Army Divisions, Brigades and Regiments. Our two most abundant styles of Army Unit t-shirts are our simple one-sided “collegiate” style shirt and our two-sided black unit t-shirts. We offer t-shirts for many of the US Army Infantry Divisions including the 1st Infantry Division, 2nd Infantry Division, 42nd Infantry Division, 10th Mountain Division, 23rd Americal Division, 25th Infantry Division and many more. We also offer a good selection of t-shirt for US Army Armor units including the 1st Armored Division, 2nd Armored Division, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, 2nd and 3rd ACR and more. PriorService offer t-shirts for the popular US Army Airborne units including the 11th Airborne Division, 82nd Airborne Division, 101st Airborne Division and 173rd Airborne Brigade.

PriorService offer a wide selection of Branch of Service T-Shirts for the US Army. We offer t-shirts for the Military Police, Armor, Army Aviation, Cavalry, Field Artillery, Infantry, Signal Corps, Corps of Engineers, Combat Medic, Air Assault and more. We also offer the widely popular Ranger Tab t-shirts in black and gray t-shirts. PriorService also offer designs for US Army Combat Medics in both gray and black as well as Army Drill Sergeant t-shirts in both black and OD green.