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Dog Tags

Dog TagsPriorService offers a great selection of dog tags. We offer two different types of custom IDs and a large selection of commemorative dog tags. Our custom tags are a great way to recreate your former tags or get replacements for your current IDs. Our selection of commemorative items offers a great way to show your pride in different aspects of military life. We offer commemorative ID tags for all the branches of service, a selection of units, certain types of specialties, several wars and conflicts and a large collection of medals and awards.

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Our custom Dog Tags come in two different types.

We offer the older style issued to service personnel prior to 1964. The older style comes with the “tooth notch” on one end of these tags that was accurate for the time. Both types of our custom IDs come as a set that includes two rolled edge stainless steel embossed plates with a short and long stainless beaded chain. Rubber silencers are optional. We can imprint five lines total with 15 characters and spaces each line. We offer a general lay out for what is typically on these, but we can imprint anything you would like on these tags.

The large selection of commemorative items is great for service personnel and can also be worn by their friends and families. These have become popular lately as a type of necklace and we offer several in a sharp, fashionable style. One of our best sellers is Armor of God Dog Tag. Our War/Operations are extremely popular as are our POW*MIA dog tags. Our selection of over 100 includes military, religious and patriotic types, which as always come with 100% customer satisfaction.