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Strategic Air Command

Strategic Air CommandPriorService is proud to offer a nice selection of items for the US Air Force Strategic Air Command. The Strategic Air Command was always ready and was able to help keep America safe during the Cold War. From 1946 to 1992 the bombers and missiles of the Strategic Air Command were always ready to defend the US against the Soviet threat. The men and women of the Strategic Air Command were stationed all over the world flying the bombers, the jet fighters, refueling aircraft, manning the missiles, and installations to help fight the Cold War. Many of the equipment manned by SAC are icons of the Cold War. Whether it was the B-52 Stratofortress always on alert ready for immediate action or the B-1B Lancers screaming low practicing penetrating Soviet airspace, or the launching of Minuteman or Peacekeaper ICBMs those who served in the Strategic Air Command served as strategic deterrent for all of the Cold War. The SAC’s motto is “Peace is Our Profession” and they proved this as the former SAC museum maintained, “The Cold War didn’t just end … it was won.”

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