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Boonie Hats

Boonie HatsPriorService offer a large selection of Boonie Hats. We offer these boonie hats in both a nylon rip-stop as well as a nylon/cotton blend rip-stop material. The caps are typically called boonie cap or sunshade caps and are great for all types of outdoors activates. These caps are very popular with active duty as well as retired military personal.

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They are also very popular with hunters, airsoft and paintball players and many more types of outdoor enthusiast. We offer these boonie hats in black, navy blue, tan colors as well as Asian Tiger camouflage, Woodland camouflage, ACU camouflage, urban camouflage and more.

In addition to Boonie Hats, PriorService offers other military uniform and outdoors gear. We offer the new Army Combat Uniform (ACU) trousers, coats, caps and parkas. We offer the new Air Force Airman Battle Utilities (ABU) coats, trousers and cap. We also offer a Nomex flight suit.