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Military Miniatures and Plaques

Military Miniatures and PlaquesThese miniature replicas of the combat Boots and Helmets worn by those veterans and currently serving as well as Plaques to adorn your office desk, bookshelf or gathering room wall is an honorable way to show respect and remember U.S. military service These boots are made to hold pen and pencils or paper weight while looking great. Hand painted!

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Miniatures and Memorial Plaques Pencil Holders, Boots, Helmets

From the Vietnam Memorial Plaques to hand painted, resin boots and helmets these add a classic and respectful touch to dress out a room with the touches needed to spark conversation and break the ice while serving as a functional way to keep the office cabinet, book shelf, bookend or desk organized.
The plaques proudly display the care and honor of service in memorabilia of both veteran and current service members.