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Camo T-Shirts

Camo T-ShirtsPriorService offers a wide selection of camouflage from tank tops, t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts. Many different camouflage patterns are available including Woodland Digital, Woodland, Army Digital, Tiger Stripe pattern and Desert style. Most of these tagless and made from a 60-40 Cotton-Poly blend. These lightweight tees have zippered sleeve storage pockets and loops on sleeves for attaching name, rank and flag. Many of these popular items are currently on sale.

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Camo T-Shirts Selection and Styles

PriorService is proud to offer the largest selection of military items on the Web including camoflauge t-shirts. The 60-40 cotton-poly blend tee comes in four different camo patterns Woodland, Woodland Digital, Army Digital and Desert patterns. The sleeves come in ACU Digital pattern or Woodland Digital Camo and the chest and back are foliage colored. The long-sleeved 60-40 poly blend tees also comes in four different patterns Woodland pattern Longsleeve, Woodland Digital patttern Longsleeve, Army Digital styled Longleeve and the Tiger Stripe Digital pattern in Longsleeve. Also available are long-sleeved combat shirts in ACU Digital and Woodland Digital styles. Sleeveless shirts are available in two patterns Woodland pattern Tank Top and Army Digital style Tank Top. The Woodland Camo Fatigue style is also available. This long-sleeved poly-cotton shirt comes with concealed buttons, epaulets and two front pockets.

Even More Camo Apparel and Gear

We offer a great selection of tactical vests, shorts, Pants, Ponchos, elbow and knee pads in a variety of camouflage styles and patterns. Don't forget a choice for MMA shorts. We haven't forgotten about the youth and kids camo pants, shirts and even a bib.
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